Video: Exception Analytics Added to Robling’s Free Store Reopening Application

Jeff Buck

Watch the Video

Check our the new exception analytics we’ve added to the Robling Store Reopening application by watching the video:


Getting the Country Reopened

The interest in Robling’s free Store Reopening Application has been overwhelming. Thank you to all the retailers and industry experts who have accessed the app, used it to support your reopening decisions and provided valuable enhancement requests. If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the overview and get access to the app.

Focusing on the Most Important Trends

In response to user requests, we’ve added a powerful new capability that allows you to zero in on the regions across the US where you have the opportunity to make the most impactful reopening decisions—areas of the country where case counts are trending significantly upwards or downwards.

Keep Your Feedback Coming

As always, we welcome your feedback, and would love to hear how we can make the app even more useful for helping get the country reopened. Email us anytime at

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