Be the Retailer They Count on
in the Toughest Times

Robling gives grocery, general merchandise and pharmacy retailers the data and insights you need to serve customers’ essential needs during the Covid-19 crisis.

Essential Retailers

Consumers Seek Safety and Security

78% of consumers say stocking up on essentials makes them feel safer. But:


are experiencing stockouts
of essentials


worry about shopping in-store


of shopping lists go unfulfilled

Covid-19 is
Testing Essential Retailers
Like Never Before

The crisis is straining retail operations, making it difficult to meet customers’ needs.

  • Surge in demand
  • Rapidly shifting consumer needs
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Staffing challenges
  • Urgency for online, delivery and curbside

To Solve It, You Need to See It

The Robling Covid-19 dashboard gives you a 360 degree view of your essential Covid-19 operations and inventory. It flags exceptions and identifies surges, so you can respond immediately—helping customers navigate the crisis with greater peace of mind.

Gain a single view of customer demand

Identify and manage COVID-19 essential items

Monitor in-stock and fulfillment performance

See and predict inventory anomalies

Gain visibility into your supply chain

Balance labor needs to demand

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If a comprehensive view of your operations and inventory would help you better serve customers during Covid-19, we’d like to help.

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