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Robling gives specialty and department store retailers the data and insights you need to streamline, optimize and restore operations while keeping customers engaged with your brand.

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The consumers most vulnerable to Coronavirus are also most dependent on brick-and-mortar shopping locations. Robling’s Store Reopening Analytics provide you fast and easy access to data and insights that inform your phased reopening strategy. Access is free for retailers.

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Specialty Retailers

Consumers Seek Comfort and Normalcy from Retailers

But the crisis strains cashflow & operations, and has hobbled an entire channel.

Tightened consumer spend

$ tied up in low-demand inventory

Store closures

Convergence on D2C

To Solve It, You Need to See It

The Robling Covid-19 dashboard gives you a 360 degree view of your essential Covid-19 operations and inventory. It flags exceptions and identifies surges, so you can respond immediately—helping customers navigate the crisis with greater peace of mind.

Map local COVID curves against your store locations

Optimize allocations as regions and locations reopen

Measure and monitor omnichannel fulfillment performance

Build a data driven promotion strategy that frees up capital while preserving margin

Get the insights you need to make optimal go-forward buying decisions

Manage labor tightly in tune with demand

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If a comprehensive view of demand, inventory and omnichannel operations would enable your business to better serve customers during Covid-19, we’d like to help.

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