Robling Launches New Data-as-a-Service Platform to Speed Retailers’ Journey to Holistic Analytics and Reporting in the Cloud.

Fresh Thyme, Hot Topic and a Top 10 U.S. Department Store are Among the First Retailers to Implement the New Purpose-Built Solution for Omni-Channel Insight.

Robling today announced the launch of Robling DaaS, a purpose-built retail data-as-a-service (DaaS) solution designed specifically to speed and simplify retailers’ journey to holistic, cloud-based analytics and reporting. With Robling’s managed service solution, retailers benefit from all the cost efficiencies of the cloud, while gaining an extremely flexible, high-performance platform for holistic reporting across merchandising, supply chain, e-commerce, CRM and financial systems.

Already, retailers of all sizes are embracing the cost-saving benefits of cloud-based data warehousing. With Robling’s platform, retailers gain these benefits. But rather than simply move data as-is to the cloud, they also unleash the value of that data by unifying it and making it analytics-ready. As a result, retailers drive new insights that:

  • Increase GMROI. Optimize inventory management, improve localization and increase comp store sales and availability.
  • Improve marketing performance. Support personalization at scale and more effective customer journeys.
  • Enhance customer loyalty. Connect online and in-store systems to drive highly connected, omnichannel experiences.
  • Raise top-line revenue. Take advantage of net-new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, such as buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) transactions.

“We don’t just help retailers reduce the cost of data warehousing. We help them turn data from a cost center into a profit center.”

said Robling's co-founder and CEO Jeff Buck.

Designed and Built by Retail Analytics Experts

Buck, together with Robling co-founder and chief design officer Juan Pereira, co-founded QuantiSense in 2001. QuantiSense, the leading analytics application for specialty retailers, was ranked #1 on the RIS News Software LeaderBoard. The company was acquired by Epicor in 2014, later becoming a key component of Epicor’s spinoff, Aptos Retail.

Buck and Pereira bring deep retail domain knowledge as well as data warehousing expertise to Robling, whose Robling DaaS solution is engineered from the ground up to power data-driven decision making, from granular pricing and promotions decisions to long-term executive strategy.

Three name-brand specialty retailers—Fresh Thyme, Hot Topic, and a top 10 U.S. department store—are already implementing Robling’s platform.

Extreme Performance and Scalability with Snowflake

As a DaaS solution, Robling eliminates both the capital and operating expenses of on-premise data warehousing, thanks to its partnership with Snowflake, the leading cloud-built data warehouse. With Snowflake, retailers only pay for the compute power they need, rather than buying and maintaining redundant on-premise systems.

Besides driving down costs, Snowflake’s platform also supports enterprise-scale security, instant elasticity, extreme performance and economical per-second pricing.

Extreme Flexibility that Extends the Life of Current Investments

Because of the extreme flexibility of Robling’s platform, retailers do not need to make any changes to their current systems. Robling can unify data from any existing system and accommodate new systems and data sources as they come online.

In addition, retailers have the flexibility to use any analytics and reporting tools they choose, including Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy, and more. They can also jumpstart their move to a next-gen BI platform via Robling’s partnership with Looker.

“We have pre-built connectors to bring all kinds of data into the system and deliver it to analytics applications. We also have the skills and retail data expertise to map datasets from any system, even without pre-built connectors.”

A Platform for Growth and Innovation

Robling’s platform can dramatically speed and simplify retailers’ current reporting processes. However, it can also serve as a platform to ask and answer new kinds of questions, because business users can combine datasets quickly and understand impacts across the business.

“We designed the Robling platform to help make those kinds of game-changing connections for retailers. The platform can deliver reports in minutes that once took hours, but it also enables retailers to innovate in ways that they have not yet imagined.”

Data Democratization and the Power of Self-Service

By unifying data and readying it for analytics tools, Robling’s solution can dramatically expand self-service access to retail data and insights.

Business users don’t have to wait for scarce technical resources to provide the data or reports they need. Instead, they can reliably access the data themselves, then create reports in the intuitive, user-friendly interfaces of their choice.

Robling’s name honors John A. Roebling, a 19th-century immigrant to the U.S. who helped knit together his adopted country by building some of the most innovative structures of his time, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Delaware Aqueduct.

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