People behind Robling
Robling leadership has dedicated their careers to retail and analytics.

Jeff Buck


Jeff has dedicated his career to retail, analytics and large scale data warehousing and business intelligence. In 2001 he started QuantiSense, a software company providing end-to-end analytics to the specialty retail industry. For thirteen years he ran QuantiSense as CEO until it was acquired in late 2014 by Aptos. After two years at IBM in retail AI and analytics, Jeff started Robling to solve the industry-wide retail data integration problem.

Jeff has a mechanical engineering degree from Dartmouth College and started Dartmouth Formula Racing, now in its third decade. He is a mountain biker, skateboarder and dedicated father of two teenage kids.

Dr. Juan Esteban Pereira

Chief Design Officer

Juan has been in business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing for 23 years and was a co-founder of QuantiSense, a software company providing enterprise analytics to the specialty retail industry. Juan was responsible for the end-to-end design and implementation of QuantiSense’s technology. Over 40 retailers benefitted from his work as happy customers.

Juan has a PhD from Cornell University in Operations Research in which many of the algorithms share a foundation with AI. In his free time Juan enjoys photography, cultural events around his home in Washington, DC and is the father of two wonderful children.

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