People behind Robling
Robling leadership has dedicated their careers to retail and analytics.

Jeff Buck


Jeff has dedicated his career to retail, analytics and large scale data warehousing and business intelligence. In 2001 he started QuantiSense, a software company providing end-to-end analytics to the specialty retail industry. For thirteen years he ran QuantiSense as CEO until it was acquired in late 2014 by Aptos. After two years at IBM in retail AI and analytics, Jeff started Robling to solve the industry-wide retail data integration problem.

Jeff has a mechanical engineering degree from Dartmouth College and started Dartmouth Formula Racing, now in its third decade. He is a mountain biker, skateboarder and dedicated father of two teenage kids.

Dr. Juan Esteban Pereira

Chief Design Officer

Juan has been in business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing for 23 years and was a co-founder of QuantiSense, a software company providing enterprise analytics to the specialty retail industry. Juan was responsible for the end-to-end design and implementation of QuantiSense’s technology. Over 40 retailers benefitted from his work as happy customers.

Juan has a PhD from Cornell University in Operations Research in which many of the algorithms share a foundation with AI. In his free time Juan enjoys photography, cultural events around his home in Washington, DC and is the father of two wonderful children.

Dan Hosterman

Dan is a retail data specialist. He has been working with retail data warehousing and analytics projects for over 15 years. During Dan’s QuantiSense years, he ran professional services teams focusing on fast, high-quality delivery. Dan loves loading data. Before his time at Robling, Dan worked at Cox Communications in the automotive division dazzling analysts and executives with new ways to understand the trends in the industry. At Robling, Dan heads the Customer Success function which is all about how our customers use and get more value from the Robling platform.

Dan is a father of two teenage boys and enjoys coaching baseball and partaking in local libation events.

Suraj Prajapti

With a rich background spanning more than 15 years in the industry, Suraj is a result-driven Project Manager specializing in Agile methodologies and Scrum practices. His proven track record in successfully delivering complex projects on time and within scope is underpinned by a combination of traditional project management and Agile principles. Beyond the professional sphere, he brings strong leadership qualities, a positive attitude, and motivational skills. Which have been instrumental in driving cross-functional collaboration and continuous improvement for exceptional outcomes.

During his free time, He finds solace and excitement in the realm of Counter-Strike, not only as a player but as a creator crafting and designing game skins. Finds immense joy in the simple pleasures of life, cherishing moments with his family and a proud parent to a vibrant 19-year-old son.

Prashanna Adhikari

Prashanna has renowned experience as a Business Intelligence (BI) consultant. He has delivered Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions to retailers across the United States, including Express, Ralph Lauren, Genesco and Snipes. He is a highly competent individual with proven experience in implementing high-end data conversion and ETL pipelines along with developing insightful BI reports. After 2 years acting as a BI consultant, Prashanna started working as a Customer Success Lead at Robling providing support and solutions for complex and critical technical issues faced by their customers.

Prashanna has a Computer Engineering degree from Kathmandu University with a good foundation in data science, machine learning, and research. He has an incredible passion for trekking. His love for treks has led him to breathtaking destinations in the Himalayas and enabled him to guide groups of fellow adventurers through many awe-inspiring landscapes.

Ashish Adhikari

Ashish is a seasoned professional with over 8 years of expertise in the dynamic field of retail data analytics. As a dedicated Business Consultant, he has successfully collaborated with prominent clients such as Makro, Snipes, Wiggle, Hottopic, and Belk. His proficiency spans the entire spectrum of Business Intelligence (BI), encompassing the creation of ETL scripts, pipeline execution, and front-end reporting to empower business users in making crucial decisions. 

Ashish is a graduate in Computer Engineering from Kathmandu University, he finds joy and excitement in everything related to tech, cars and motorcycles. 


Gulshan is a performance driven individual with one goal; customer success. For over 10 years, Gulshan provided his expert consultation to retailers across the globe and helped architect enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. He has outstanding communication skills, both written and oral, with experiences in numerous forms of project engagement, management and leadership roles.

Gulshan currently serves as a VP of Engineering at Robling, Inc. where he oversees product development, implementations, operations and customer support.


Diane Randolph


Diane’s vast experience as C-suite leader and retail technology visionary boasts a consistent record of innovative results. For 12 years as CIO, most recently at Ulta Beauty, she accomplished enterprise-scale digital transformation. Prior to this, over 20+ years at STS/NSB (now Aptos), Diane rose to become the Development Executive of “Connected Retailer”. We are proud to have her as part of our Robling advisory team and to benefit from her strategic leadership, passion for people and her excellent reputation among retail technology professionals.

Henry Mittelman


Henry is the founder of CEO Advisory Partners LLC and an expert in revenue and performance improvement. He is the author of UnSTUCK for GOOD!, an Amazon #1 best seller, a keynote speaker, and a distinguished member of the invitation only Forbes Coaches Council. Henry advises and coaches Founders, CEOs, and management teams of small-medium businesses and well-funded startups including Mark Cuban Companies. Working intimately and collaboratively, Henry provides an unbiased clear lens, guidance, and the strategic counsel necessary to keep them UnSTUCK , so they can effectively implement the appropriate strategies and tactics to drive their business forward day after day after day!

Henry spent 25 years building and operating one of the country’s premier specialty retail store chains, and was managing director of KPMG’s consumer products corporate transaction practice where he assisted numerous organizations to improve their brand and performance. He was also the President of three professional practice firms that provided business advisory and coaching services to financial institutions. Henry attended NYU and holds an MBA from PWU. He resides in Boston, MA with his wife Carole.

Bill Robinson


Bill has, throughout his long career, pioneered successful applications in all areas of retail technology. As an executive for STS/NSB Bill worked closely with the team to fulfill customer’s expectations in retail technology. We gain from Bill’s deep background in, knowledge of, and passion for the retail industry and use his skills and industry contacts as a coach, business developer, writer, analyst, speaker, teacher, facilitator and visionary.

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