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We enable retailers to become data-driven organizations.

In the retail industry, change happens rapidly and constantly. Understanding the data that motivates your customers and fuels your business is crucial. Robling stays on top of your analytics so you can spend less time combing through data, and more time driving results.


The infrastructure problem Retail analytics promise is unfulfilled.

Data science, AI, and machine learning are nothing but hype if they aren’t used effectively. With 25 years of experience, Robling offers a blend of tech and consulting that measures performance to help you make data-driven decisions for both e-commerce and physical retail.


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Where are your people spending their time today? Up to 80% of analytics effort is spent on data prep work.

Cleaning and organizing data
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Mining data for patterns
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Waste less time getting organized and more time making decisions.

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Fully managed cloud-based retail data warehouse

In this new world, we need to enable all decision makers with a deep understanding of what really drives the business: omni-channel sales, customers and supply chain.

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