Snowflake + Robling

A Trailblazing Partnership

Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, and Robling have partnered to launch a Data Cloud ecosystem for retail and CPG. As part of the strategic partnership, Snowflake Ventures, the company’s corporate venture capital arm, has added Robling to its list of portfolio companies with a capital investment.

The Snowflake Retail Data Model

The Snowflake Retail Data Model overcomes typical data model challenges by combining two state-of-the-art technologies—Snowflake’s powerful, flexible and cost-effective Data Cloud, and Robling’s standardized retail & CPG data model.

It brings together all relevant internal and external data into a single, comprehensive foundation – a standardized, cloud-native retail & CPG data model – for reporting, analytics, data science and deep business insights.

“With Snowflake and Robling, we can maintain a lean reporting and technical group, even as we unleash all our critical data to support the connected, omnichannel experiences our customers have come to expect.”


Hot Topic

Understand, Act, and Innovate

Gain Full Internal and External Data Visibility

Identify and act on the most important challenges and opportunities by tapping into every source of data that matters to your business from supply chain to customer experience

Empower Decision Makers to Drive KPIs

Respond profitably to changing market conditions, and empower business users with self-service access to the data and insights they need, when they need it—with no limits

Future-Proof Your

Seize new opportunities with agility while maintaining a unified, consistent system of insight, even as data, systems and business processes evolve


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