Unlock the Potential of Retail Analytics. Unify Data Silos.

Robling’s retail analytics platform increases margins and bottom line profits by diving deep into data you already own for both e-commerce and physical retail.

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Download the case study to discover how Robling broke down Hot Topic's data silos and tapped into new profitability.

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Realize Your Retail Analytics Vision

Stop wasting resources by reporting on data in silos and break free with Robling. Our data model integrates with your existing system and our prescribed reports to tie everything together for clearer insights.


Deploy retail analytics best-practices forged and proven by the world’s leading retailers.


Run a clear path to an efficient, state-of-the-art analytics infrastructure.


Become the agile, data-driven organization built to anticipate every customer’s needs.

Hot Topic

“With Robling, we can maintain a lean reporting and technical group, even as we unleash all our critical data to optimize store operations and support the connected, omnichannel experiences our customers have come to expect.”

Michael Yerkes

Michael Yerkes
Chief Operating Officer
Hot Topic

Reap the Benefits of Cloud-Native Retail Analytics

Cut the costs, effort, and risks associated with taking your analytics to the cloud. Robling leverages best practices in managing data for detailed reporting and actionable takeaways.

Retailer Agility

Allow business users self-service access to the data and retail insights they need, without limits.

IT Efficiency

Free your IT teams from servicing one-off data requests, leaving them with more time to focus on high value projects that deliver maximum ROI.


Cost-effectively scale to any data volumes, for all your users, with the flexibility to meet every future analytic requirement.


“To build this whole omnichannel vision…we did not need to reinvent the wheel if there were already best-practices available…the Robling model was best for us.”

Sudip Barat

Sudip Barat
Director of Information Delivery

State-of-the-Art Retail Analytics Platform as a Service

Robling is fully managed and supported by our expert team of retail analytics specialists. Take advantage of on demand data modeling and data integration services. Benefit from continuous software enhancements.


Robling works hand-in-hand with the world’s leading retail analytics experts and technologies.

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