Store Reopening Analytics Application Made Available to Chain Retailers at No Cost

Merchandising and store operations executives can use daily, county-level Covid-19 statistics combined with enterprise data to inform reopening strategies 

May 28, 2020 — Atlanta, GA — Robling announced today the availability of a free analytics application providing key insights for retailers in planning their store reopening strategies.

As American consumers grasp for a sense of normalcy—albeit in the new reality of social distancing—retail chains seek to responsibly reopen store locations while ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and customers.

Retailers need to predictively plan for reopenings in order to safely and efficiently serve customer needs. Reopening previously closed stores requires rehiring, scheduling and re-training staff, sourcing, allocating and shipping in-season merchandise, implementing social distancing and hygiene protocols along with signage, fixtures, packaging and more.

Correlating the localized data that supports a reopening decision with the retailer’s stores, however, is a challenge. It requires time-consuming manual processes, input from store managers and research on Covid-19 trends for each location—a task that is overwhelming for chain retailers with hundreds of stores.

Robling’s Store Reopening Analytics application solves this problem by mapping retailers’ store locations against up-to-date Covid-19 metrics from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center and other sources.

A national retail chain is among the first to make use of insights delivered by the application.

For each of their store locations, retailers gain immediate insights into:

  • Local case and fatality counts
  • Local case and fatality trajectories
  • State government mitigations and restrictions currently in place

The application provides visualization of retailer and Covid-19 data using a zoomable nationwide map, heatmaps, charts and tables. Users can filter the data by state, county, date and distance in miles from each store location.

Merchandising executives along with their buying, planning and allocation teams can use the insights in the Covid-19 Store Reopening Analytics application to prioritize supply chain decisions and build allocation plans tailored to the reopening of specific locations.

Store operations executives along with regional, district and store managers can prioritize the deployment of reopening teams and resources, and make budget and hiring decisions based on the real situation on the ground.

To tailor the application to a retailers’ specific store locations, retailers are required to share their store location data with Robling. Otherwise, retailers may utilize the application with pre-loaded data for approximately 1,600 shopping mall locations across the U.S.

Access to the standard application as well as one-time integration of a retailers’ store location data is available to retailers free of charge.

Because the application sits atop Robling’s comprehensive retail analytics platform and retail data model, retailers also have the ability to further add additional enterprise data to the application including sales, inventory, customer, pricing, promotions, staffing data and more.

“We developed the Store Reopening Analytics application because we saw retailers spending too much precious time piecing together information they needed to plan the reopening of even a single location,” says Robling CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Buck.

“The Store Reopening Analytics application puts the key insights retailers need all in one place, so they spend less time on detective work and more time seeing, planning and acting.”

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